Gaggia Ashwood Portafilter
Designed by Gaggia for their Classic Pro espresso machine, the Gaggia Wooden Handle Portafilter is a beautiful and functional upgrade for your espresso setup. The Ashwood handle is comfortable to hold and well balanced with the filter head. For maximum...
Gaggia Double Spout Portafilter (Pressurized)
Complete Gaggia portafilter assembly with handle, spouts, and double shot filter basket. Comes with a double shot pressurized basket and a 2 way pin. Fits the Gaggia Classic, Gaggia Espresso Pure, Gaggia Color, Gaggia Dose, Gaggia Evolution, Gaggia Baby Twin,...
Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter
The Gaggia bottomless portafilter is an essential tool for any serious home barista. The Gaggia bottomless portafilter allows you to see any channeling as it occurs so the barista in you can easily identify uneven tamping. This 58mm bottomless portafilter...
Gaggia Single Shot Filter Basket (NF08/002)
Single Shot Filter Basket58mm5.5/6.5 gramsFits the Gaggia Classic, Gaggia Evolution, Gaggia Baby, Gaggia TS, Gaggia Deco, Gaggia Ge, and various other machines with 58mm portafilters.
Gaggia Crema Perfetta Pressurized 2 Cups Filter Basket (11007038)
Coffee is forced through a pin hole in the bottom, creating dense rich coffee foam. It has a single pin hole in the bottom, where the coffee escapes from, aerating the coffee and creating coffee crema. Depth: 25mmWidth: Top 60mm |...
Gaggia 2 Cup Filter Basket (NF08/005)
Gaggia Non Pressurized Standard 2 Cups Filter Basket 12/14g Part No. (NF08/005)Edge to edge ø 68mm, height 24.5mmUses a 58mm TamperCompatible with the Gaggia Deco, D90, E90, GD, GE, LCD, TD, TE, TS, XD and XE commercial machines the Carezza, Classic, Evolution and New Baby...
Gaggia Blind Filter Basket (WGANF08/006)
Gaggia Blind Filter Basket (WGANF08/006)Blind filter cleaning basket for backflushingStainless steel filter basket - no perforated holesFor use with Gaggia Classic original and some Gaggia Baby modelsBack flushing is ONLY for Gaggias with a 3-way solenoid valve
Gaggia Pressurized 2 Way Pin (GA-4301007000)
Gaggia 2 Way pin (GA-4301007000) for use with Gaggia pressurized portafilter baskets This pin sits on the coffee spout exit hole,inside the portafilter.It fits between the pressurised filter basket and the spout and ensures that the coffee does not splash out.....
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