Gaggia Classic Pro Blue & Ceado E6X Grinder

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2019 Gaggia Classic Pro Blue & Ceado E6X Grinder Bundle

2019 Gaggia Classic Pro Blue with Free Ceado E6X Grinder (Doser Grinder) 
Only 5 bundles available, limited quantity while supplies last*

Unleash your inner barista at home!

The new 2019 Gaggia Classic, also widely known as the "Gaggia Classic Pro" holds our 80th years of history, tradition and experience. We dedicate it to all espresso lovers that want to relive every day at home the barista’s rituals, that require attention to each detail, precision and practice to create the real italian espresso with «crema naturale», in the high tradition of founder Achille Gaggia

This new Classic has all the old features of the Solenoid Valve model that first came into being in 1991. In 2015, we had to change the much loved Classic to a mechanical valve machine in Europe. The Solenoid Valve model was only available in non-European countries. And now, due to popular demand, Gaggia has updated the Solenoid model to a European standard Standby version, with some more features, including a professional steam wand. This model is being introduced in Europe and the British Isles in October.

The traditional group, solenoid valve and filter holder ensure total control, and the professional steam wand allows you to make a perfect milk froth for your cappuccinos. Stylishly designed and totally Made In Italy.



      PROFESSIONAL CHROMED BRASS GROUP AND FILTER-HOLDER Same style, size, ring and way of working as a professional machine, thus the perfect driver of great in cup quality. The heavy chromed brass group and filter-holder ensure a consistent and stable temperature throughout entire brewing process.

      SOLENOID VALVE The three-way Solenoid Valve relieves pressure in the filter-holder immediately after pulling a shot. Water empties from the filter-holder via the open valve and ends up in the drip tray. This leaves the coffee pucks relatively dry, making it easy to clean.

      TRADITIONAL GAGGIA BOILER Secures great espresso quality thanks to the excellent temperature stability during the whole brewing process. The 15 bar pump pushes the hot water through the ground coffee at high pressure to ensure better-tasting crema-topped espresso.

      PROFESSIONAL STEAM WAND WITH 2 STEAM OUTLETS The perfect way to froth the milk and have a traditional creamy cappuccinos at home like in an Italian bar.

      NEW INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE The traditional rocket- buttons and indicator lights for on/off, espresso preparation and steam dispensing allow you a total control of the functions.

      DESIGN DETAILS The new design is thought to further enrich your home barista experience: new side shape that makes the water level visible, a renovated drip tray to improve stability during the brewing process, and an iconic filter-holder with the signature Gaggia “G”.

      3 FILTERS FOR GROUND COFFEE AND POD Gaggia Classic comes with 3 filters: 1 “crema perfetta” filter for 1 or 2 cups helps you to have a perfect espresso just from the first use; while 2 traditional filters ensure you a professional experience.

      CUP HOLDER This practical feature allows you to store your espresso cups and glasses on top of the espresso machine itself – always within reach and conveniently stored without taking up space.

      PROUDLY MADE IN ITALY Guarantee of premium quality and a neverending passion for espresso making, year after year.

      Weight and Dimensions:
      Size : W 23 cm × H 38 cm × D 24 cm
      Weight : 7.3 Kg
      Power : Suitable for Hong Kong

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