Gaggia Anima XL

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The Gaggia Anima XL has the largest capacities of the Anima line.

The top tier of the Gaggia Anima line is clearly the Anima XL; this super-automatic machine boasts extra large water and bean capacities to bridge the gap between party-of-two and party-of-ten brewing. This is a favorite machine around the office because it’s such a workhorse; cranking out espressos and milk-drink galore. Like the Prestige, the XL’s integrated milk carafe is able to produce a airy cappuccino foam as well as a silky latte milk, and its programmable preinfusion wets the grounds prior to extraction to ensure they’re fully saturated. Plus, just like the rest of the Anima line, the XL’s espresso spouts are high enough to brew into a travel mug; it’s highly programmable, with the option to personalize grind and coffee strength across five settings, and coffee temp across three; and the innovative Gaggia Adapting System, which learns how fast to spin those ceramic burrs and how hard to tamp for the first fifteen or so brews for revolutionary results in the cup.

Unlike the others, it’s important to note that the Anima XL does not have a bypass doser for pre-ground coffee brewing.


Optiaroma One-Touch Brewing System
Expanded Water and Coffee Capacity
Gaggia Adapting System
Automated Cleaning and Maintenance
Adjustable Coffee Strength
Adjustable Coffee Dosage
Automatic Shut-Off
Cup Volume Control
Digital Display Energy Saving Design
Low-Water Warning
Programmable Brewing
Temperature Control
Durable Stainless Steel / Plastic Casing

Technical Data
Brew Boiler Stainless Steel-Lined Aluminum
15 Bar Pump Pressure
Voltage/Power: Suitable for Hong Kong

Weight and Dimensions
Product Dimensions (WxHxD): 20 x 29.7 x 26.5cm
43.2 x 22.1 x 38.6 cm
Product Weight: 8kg
Bean container 500g
Water container  2.5 L removable
Capacity milk carafe 0.5L

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