Astoria Core 200 SAE 2 Group

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With Core200, espresso has a new design. Astoria’s heart beats inside Core, a blend of tradition, technology and passion for espresso. A solid and reliable product with a minimal and contemporary design.


Shot Timer - Indication of the extraction times for each group.
Backlit Astoria logo.
Flap rack in each group - Allows the machine to be used both for espresso
cups and for glasses of milk-based beverages.
Larger diameter steam nozzles - Allow more consistency in the quality of the
steam, improved milk frothing. milk-based beverages.
LED Work Light - Allows the “barista” to work in optimal conditions
even in reduced visibility environments such as
pubs, clubs, etc.
Mechanical “filocarrozzeria” buttons - They keep the pediment clean and thanks to their mechanical nature they avoid defects due to steam, dirty hands, wet hands, etc.
Four different pre-set doses in the SAE version.
Front cut under the pediment - Reduces the working time allowing the bartender
to see at a glance the ring holder coupler ring
without having to lower.
Body - All bodywork, excluding curbs, are made of sheet
metal making a solid and resistant machine.


Voltage 220-240V/380-415V
Rated power 3.350W-3.900W
Boiler 2.6 UK gal
Water-steam wands 1/2
Width 29.4 in
Depth 19.4 in
Height 20.1 in
Net weight 148 lb

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