Gaggia Gelatiera Ice Cream Maker
HKD 4,380.00 HKD 3,580.00
Gaggia Gelatiera Ice Cream Maker
Gaggia RI9101/08 Gelatiera Ice Cream Maker FeaturesThe Gaggia Gelateria makes creamy, authentic Italian gelato in just 30 minutesBuilt-in chiller, so there's no need to pre-freeze the bowl--simply set the Gelatiera to chill and it's ready to use in five minutesRemovable...
HKD 4,380.00 HKD 3,580.00
Dometic V5M Black Fridge
FOR LOVERS OF PERFECT COFFEE This 5 l mini refrigerator is perfect for lovers of perfect coffee. Not only does the Dometic MF V5M look great with its ultra-modern appearance, but its thermoelectrics provide efficient milk cooling and heating options....
HKD 1,388.00
Gaggia Collection Exclusive 6x6 Espresso Cups and Saucer Set
Gaggia Collection Exclusive 6x6 Espresso Cups and Saucer Set by WHYdesign Made in ItalyScratch and shock proofTotal hygiene guaranateed by perfect impermeabilityCustom bottom design to enhance aroma of coffeeExclusive decoration through dedicated methods to guarantee fastness over the yearsHigh resistance to...
HKD 1,380.00
Out of Stock
Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale
The first product in our lineup, the Acaia Pearl coffee scale is now favored by top baristas and cafes around the world. The design and laboratory-grade parts make for a seamless brewing experience. To help with your brewing and firmware...
HKD 1,380.00
Gaggia Ashwood Bottomless Portafilter
Bottomless Filter-holder: professional bottomless filter holder with ash wood handle, for Gaggia Classic. Gaggia logo on the handle, stainless steel filter housing and spouts. Filter holder diameter: 59 mm. Total length: 220 mm. Barista Pro IMS Filter 20 gr Nanotech:...
HKD 1,200.00
Gaggia Ashwood Portafilter
Designed by Gaggia for their Classic Pro espresso machine, the Gaggia Wooden Handle Portafilter is a beautiful and functional upgrade for your espresso setup. The Ashwood handle is comfortable to hold and well balanced with the filter head. For maximum...
HKD 988.00
Gaggia Double Spout Portafilter (Pressurized)
Complete Gaggia portafilter assembly with handle, spouts, and double shot filter basket. Comes with a double shot pressurized basket and a 2 way pin. Fits the Gaggia Classic, Gaggia Espresso Pure, Gaggia Color, Gaggia Dose, Gaggia Evolution, Gaggia Baby Twin,...
HKD 700.00
Out of Stock
Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter
The Gaggia bottomless portafilter is an essential tool for any serious home barista. The Gaggia bottomless portafilter allows you to see any channeling as it occurs so the barista in you can easily identify uneven tamping. This 58mm bottomless portafilter...
HKD 700.00
Gaggia Base Plate
This base plate is designed with Gaggia in mind! With the practical knock-off box directly under the mill, your coffee space will become a real small Italian bar. Features:Sturdy plate to hold both machine and grinderKeeps area clean and tidyKnock box...
HKD 680.00
Gaggia Ashwood Tamper
Upgrade your espresso experience with an official wood handle tamper from Gaggia. The Gaggia Ashwood Tamper is a premium 58 mm flat tamper with stainless base and soft Ashwood handle.
HKD 638.00
Gaggia Espresso 6x6 Saucer and Cup Set
The Gaggia Espresso Cup and Saucer will enhance your Gaggia Espresso Machine coffee service with the perfect accent for your at-home coffee café experience. Delight your guests with Espresso made in these attractive logo enhanced porcelain cups! Set of 6Includes...
HKD 598.00
Out of Stock
Gaggia Tamper
HKD 598.00
Gaggia Tamper
The Gaggia Temper is the perfect addition for any coffee workstation! HIGHLIGHTS & FEATURES For Professional Use Perfect for 58mm PortafiltersDurable Stainless Steel DesignMade in Korea
HKD 598.00
Out of Stock
Baratza Sette 270 Series Adjustment Assembly
Metal adjustment ring for the Baratza Sette 270/270W/270Wi. Also can be fitted directly onto the Baratza Sette 30. This ring has both a macro, and stepless micro adjustment for fine tuning the perfect espresso shot. How to Install
HKD 600.00 HKD 560.00
Gaggia Anima Series Water Tank (GA-996530073476)
Gaggia Anima Series Water Tank  (GA-996530073476) Complete water tank assembly made of BPA free SAN plastic. Includes debris filter, one way valve assembly, and handle. Fits the Gaggia Anima, Gaggia Anima Deluxe, and Gaggia Anima Prestige.
HKD 459.00
Solis Perfetta Knock Box
The clean and elegant way to collect coffee grounds. The spacious knock box is easy to assemble and to clean. It is a must have for every home barista and the perfect accessory to Solis espresso machines. It’s just perfetta!Features:Dishwasher-safe insertShock-absorbent...
HKD 428.00
Urnex SuperGrindz Cleaning Tablets
The Urnex SuperGrindz coffee grinder cleaning tablets are designed for use in superautomatic coffee machines. Urnex SuperGrindz remove coffee oils and grind particles from burrs and casings simply by grinding the tablets. The Urnex SuperGrindz tablets are formulated from all...
HKD 420.00
WPM Handle-less Pitcher with Leather Sleeve
WPM Handle-less Pitcher with Leather SleeveFeaturesWide Rounded Spout(perfect for adding layers to a tulip - latte art)Cow Leather SleevesThermal insulation designDimension: 8x8x11cmVolume: 450mlMaterial: Stainless Steel 
HKD 480.00 HKD 336.00
IVY LKY x WPM 500ml Pitcher
IVY LKY x WPM Pitcher Project: 1.    Maintain the unique outlook of the 1st generation WPM pitcher.2.    Greater Volume: increased to 500ml.3.    Lighter Pitcher: Feel the change of milk flow easier.  4.    Wide sharp spout design: Perfect tool for adding layers...
HKD 288.00
Out of Stock
Urnex Grindz G01 Grinder Cleaning Tablets
Removes coffee oils and grind particles from burrs and casings without disassembling the grinder. DO NOT use with integrated grinders in superautomatic machines (use SUPERGRINDZ for this application) Formulated from all natural, plant-based ingredients. Does not contain phosphates. All ingredients are...
HKD 280.00
Out of Stock
Gaggia Knock Box
Gaggia Knock Box Solid 1 Piece Design Made in Korea
HKD 280.00
Gaggia Tamping Mat
Gaggia Tamping Mat Useful Tamping Mat to protects the worktop and guarantees more stability and cleanness while tamping. Tamper is placed in the circle and the portafilter is protected when the compactor is in a half circle, at the edge...
HKD 250.00
Baratza BG Burr
Spare BG burr for Baratza Sette 270 series and Sette 30.  It's designed for better performance and uniformity when grinding in the medium grind range, making it acceptable for pour overs, but not coarse enough for French press.  In under a minute...
HKD 240.00
Out of Stock
Baratza AP Burr
Spare AP burr for Baratza Sette 270 series and Sette 30. The All Purpose burr is recommended mainly for espresso grinding, but may also grind coarser for pour-over brewing methods.  Features:1x AP BurrEasy Installation40mm Steel Burr
HKD 240.00

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