Caravaggio Guatemala Antigua Pods

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In Caravaggio's coffee menu there are the finest varieties of Arabica coffees, prized by connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.They grow at high altitudes, where the soil and climate are more favorable. Each grain after the harvest is subjected to a rigorous selection, to ensure the highest quality. A selection of the finest coffees, unique in flavor, aroma, body and taste.

Guatemala Antigua - Single Origin Pure Arabica From Guatemala

A precious single origin, 100% Arabica, from the volcanic region of Antigua, Guatemala. One of the most renowned and appreciated coffee in the world with a dense and persistent aroma, a perfect blend of sweetness and acidity that leaves a pleasant and soft aftertaste of dried fruit.

Caravaggio uses only 100% arabica coffee for the ultimate in taste and quality.

Content: 1 Box of 20 Pods