Caravaggio Nocciola Arabica Pods

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Rich and aromatic blends with unique flavours of pure Arabica coffees. A rigorous selection process to deliver only the best quality blends. Caravaggio tailored made coffee blends are specially created to satisfy different tastes. Discover the exotic hints, the spicy or fruity flavors, or the floral aromas. Intense tastes to satisfy all your senses for a supreme coffee experience.

The Tastes of Pleasure: Carefully selected raw materials are mixed carefully with the best varieties of Pure Precious Arabica coffee to give you a taste whenever you like. Hazelnut flavoured espresso has a strong and persistent taste, where the aroma of hazelnut blends with the best Arabica to give the coffee a flavour featuring notes of cocoa and wood. The strong and roasted aromas of coffee and hazelnut are enhanced in a delicate balance creating a refined and persistent taste.

Content: 1 Box of 20 Pods