Gaggia Anima Class

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  • Domestic Automatic
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The third tier in the Gaggia Anima line, the Class is a small wonder, with its one-touch specialty espresso drink capability, which swaps out the manual pannarello steam wand and cappuccinatore for an integrated milk carafe. The carafe is dishwasher safe and can be store in the fridge for easy access. The Class is much more versatile than the Deluxe and standard Anima models, particularly given its ability to produce an airy cappuccino foam as well as a silky latte milk. Like the rest of the Anima line, the Class's espresso spouts are high enough to brew into a travel mug; it’s highly programmable, with the option to personalize grind and coffee strength across five settings, and coffee temp across three; and the innovative Gaggia Adapting System, or as we like to call it “the brains behind the brewing operation,” which learns how fast to spin those ceramic burrs and how hard to tamp for the first fifteen or so brews for revolutionary results in the cup. Another important upgrade is the programmable preinfusion, which pre-soaks the grounds to ensure they are fully saturated prior to extraction.

The Anima Class is as easy to maintain as it is to use, with its intuitive maintenance alerts, automated descaling cycle, and, of course, Gaggia’s removable brew group, which can be easily rinsed by hand. Additionally, you can install a Mavea Intenza water filter in the Anima’s 1.7 L water reservoir to preserve your coffee’s taste and the machine’s longevity.

If you are all about that espresso or want a bit more control over steaming, take a look at the standard Anima; also available are the Deluxe model which features an integrated cappuccinatore, and the high-capacity XL is an entertaining or an office space must.




  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Full automatic rinsing
  • Stainless Steel Boiler
  • Adjustable spout  110-150mm
  • Energy consumption in standby
    Energy label compliant
  • Weight: 8kg


Technical, Weight & Dimensions

Dimensions (LxDxH): 221x430x340 mm
Pump pressure (Bar) 15
Water tank (ml) 1800
Capacity milk carafe (net) 0.5lt
Hopper capacity (gr) 250
Voltage/Power: Suitable for Hong Kong
Weight (Kg) 8.7

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