Rancilio Silvia V3

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Product Type:
  • Prosumer Semi-Automatic
  • Rancilio
  • Silver

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This popular traditional style semi-automatic espresso machine is built to last. Its strong linear designed housing is constructed of an iron frame and stainless steel side panels. Built with Rancilio's commercial grade group head for excellent heat stability and premium extraction quality. Features a patented ergonomic 58mm porta filter for superb extraction. These are the same porta filters used on Rancilio commercial machines. The single boiler of the Silvia has the largest volume capacity of any home machine in its class. Holding 0.3 liters (12oz) this chrome plated brass boiler produces outstanding steaming power and remarkable recovery time between shots.

The two quart water reservoir can be removed or filled from the top at anytime during the operation. The Rancilio Silvia features an articulating stainless steel steam wand that allows for a complete range of motion for steaming perfect latte quality milk. Control steaming power with the commercially designed steam knob. This Silvia comes with a 7 gram coffee scoop, a plastic tamper and two filter baskets (single and double). This is the most current version of the Silvia available direct from the factory.


  • Ergonomic portafilter handle same as the Rancilio commercial machines
  • Commercial grade group head for superb heat stability and extraction quality
  • Articulating steam wand offers complete range of motion and professional steaming knob precisely controls steaming pressure
  • Classic linear design fits most decors
  • Optional pod and capsule adaptor kit available


  • 12 Oz Single Boiler: The Silvia’s boiler is made of marine-grade brass for optimal heat conductivity. The large boiler size enables the user to make multiple espressos with quick recycle time, more steaming power and temperature stability.
  • 2 Thermostats and 1 Overheat Switch: There is a thermostat for brewing and another for steaming. A safety switch is built in to prevent the boiler from overheating due to malfunction.
  • 3-Way Solenoid Valve: This allows immediate release of the pump pressure resulting in drier puck for easy cleaning and less need to rinse the portafilter in case more shots are to be pulled. More stable brewing temperature, better espresso and less wait time.
  • 67 Fl. Oz Water Reservoir: This is a medium-sized water reservoir to be refilled from the top. If you are concerned about scale build up, you may add a water filter to the reservoir as an option or use filtered/bottled water.
  • Durable Housing Materials: Made of hefty iron in the frame, the exterior casing, the drip tray and pan are all made of stainless steel that’s durable, easy to clean and can easily fit into a high-end kitchen décor.

Technical Data, Weight and Dimensions

  • Colors: Brushed stainless steel
  • Power: Suitable for HKG
  • Size: 13.25"H x 11.25"W x 9.25"D
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Body Material: Steel frame, stainless steel housing
  • Origin: Italy
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