WPM Zero NG63 Niche

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Fresh: Fresh coffee always starts with the beans. Grind fresh = fresh coffee = great taste.
Control: Your grinder should give you complete control over grind size and should allow you to grind without limits.
Burrs: You should use only the highest quality burrs to give you consistently cool and fresh grind for your next coffee.
Simple: Your grinder should be simple and easy to use, with no need for lots of switches and buttons.
Quiet: Grinders should be designed to be quiet so you can have a peaceful and enjoyable coffee experience, everytime.
Compact: Your grinder should fit easily under your kitchen cupboard and should be available for use whenever and wherever you want it.
Save: Coffee is an expensive luxury, and should never be wasted whether your purging your grinder or over grinding to get a desired weight.
Style: Your grinder should be stylish and beautiful, a product you are proud to own.
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